My name is Daniel.

I serve as a consigliere* to intentional, growth-minded leaders who are looking to level up.
*con·sig·li·e·re: a trusted, strategic partner and independent advisor valued
for providing actionable insight and catalyzing results.
I partner with leaders in organizations of all sizes on 3 key areas - which are very much overlapping, but have been broken out here in an effort to cultivate clarity:
Stakeholder- Ensuring leaders optimize their relationships with their many stakeholders including employees, boards, investors, partners, competitors, and family - and seminal co-founder relationships.

Transition- Partnering with leaders to define their version of success and help them achieve it in rapidly evolving environments, from new adventures to promotions and everything else a career will bring.

Crisis- When shit hits the fan, I'm your man.
Planning- Creating safe spaces to synthesize information and explore different solutions, with the goal of making better decisions faster.

Translation- Driving clarity and distilling purpose in internal and external communications, and leveraging my career of translating my clients' complex issues for mainstream audiences.
Leadership Development- Ensuring that personal growth is not sacrificed in the name of speed, results, or other business priorities.

Sustainability- I firmly believe that if you're not having fun, you're doing it wrong; ensuring you're having fun by focusing on building systems and behaviors that are long term oriented.
Leader Endorsements
Alex Peck
CEO, Akimbo
Our business worked, but burnout was looming, our skills were under leveraged, and we knew more was possible. Over six months, Daniel helped us restructure how our leadership team operates—making the business more effective and sustainable. He's a gifted facilitator, with a strategic mind, and a deep understanding of the challenges faced by founders and Sr. Leaders.
Alexi Coffey
Co-Founder, Steward & Chief of Staff to CPO at WHOOP
Few people are as curious, capable, and deeply committed to unlocking growth in other people and companies as Daniel. He is uniquely able to put his finger on the important things, routinely encouraging and challenging me in ways I would not have thought of myself or been able to alone. He is a gifted consigliere who has helped me catalyze major moments of career and personal growth. He has been an invaluable advisor for me as a founder, through my career transition, and as a product and design leader today.
Ashkan Safaee
CEO, Astrid
My co-founder and I had reached the point where our runway was growing shorter and we were struggling to identify a path forward. Over multiple sprints Daniel helped us iterate on a new product and position and sell it to paying customers, bringing us significant revenue and focus. Daniel is an exceptional coach and strategist who is equally comfortable in market positioning, product strategy, and team dynamics.
Why Me?
I'm deeply passionate about what is possible when creative problem solving is combined with a growth mindset, and I'm thrilled to have the privilege to partner with leaders to make that a regular part of their lives and have a consequential influence on their trajectories as a result.

As a former tech executive, chief of staff, founder, and investor, I've spent my (non-linear) career in the trenches with some of our time's most ambitious leaders, and my consigliere practice is the most potent application of my accumulated knowledge and know-how. My own experiences (both the successes and failures) as a leader mean that my partnership comes from a place of deep experience, with the accumulated data and rolodex at the ready.

Whether it's helping prepare a leader for their biggest moments, like an IPO, product launch, or Nobel Prize acceptance speech, or supporting them through the quiet dramas in between, like fundraising, personnel transitions, and business model pivots, I partner with leaders to help them get the job done well and harness every opportunity for growth.

I don't specialize in a sector or stage. I specialize in serving leaders working to be the best version of themselves while growing their businesses because of and despite the pressures they face on a daily basis.

I am a humanist, an optimist, and a truth teller. For proper nouns, my bio is available here.
How I Collaborate
My consigliere practice is rooted in meeting each leader where they are, so every engagement is unique.

Some leaders prefer a sprint-based approach when a particular mountain needs climbing that requires extra intentional partnership and focus.

For most, a retainer based model is the preferred framework, inclusive of regular strategy/growth sessions and zoom outs, plus ad-hoc check ins as needed. As with any true partnership, there's no clock being watched or nickels and dimes being tallied. When I partner with a leader, I'm all in.
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